Something Was Bound To Go Wrong

With less than two weeks to go until the big day, I suppose it was inevitable that something would go wrong at some point. Thank you Young’s Hire for throwing that spanner into the works!

When we had our separate fittings at different stores, I requested that both suits be sent to my local branch in Chatham so that we could pick them up together and it would be easier to return both to the same store afterward, which would be easier than transporting them across London.

At the weekend I checked to make sure they would both be delivered to the correct store and was told they should be but to give them a call on the day before the fitting to make sure.

So I did.

And were they both at the same store?

Of course they weren’t!

They had managed to balls up the delivery sending the one ordered on Oxford St to Oxford St, not Chatham, despite me asking about 6 times at the initial fitting. As we had already planned for him to come down last night after work for a fitting this morning, this had to be put on hold. He only had that one day off, we had to get his fitting done in London today. I canceled my own fitting and re-arranged it for Friday.

Calling up the Oxford St store to arrange a lunchtime fitting this morning proved to be just as frustrating as the person on the other end of the phone couldn’t find the outfit! Despite me telling him both my name and that of my best man he proceeded to look only under my name. 10 minutes later he comes back on the phone saying he can’t find my order. I asked if he had looked for one under the name of Harris? Of course he hadn’t!

Five minutes later he confirms that it is there in the store and so cue a mad rush at lunchtime to get over to the store, meet up and get my best man to try it all on. Only getting an hour for lunch can be so restrictive sometimes!

Luckily it all fitted him, but when I questioned why it had come to the wrong store they had no answer, just “it happens sometimes”! Really? Has anyone ever thought of doing something about that?

Anyway, one suit down and one more to go. Let’s hope that my one is all OK on Friday!

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