One Week To Go

We’re into the final 7 days of unmarried life and the finacée and I still have a number of fiddly little jobs to get completed before Wednesday so that we’re able to start moving everything over to Chilston Park on the Thursday morning.

We’ve finally decided on names for our tables and so the next job was to come up with a design. Having spent a long time playing about with various designs we decided on one and then had to take them to a local printers for printing. We could have done it ourselves but it would probably have taken a lot longer!

A seating plan has been created, and this time we did it all on our own. It looks really professional, if I do say so myself. I designed it and left Julia to put it all together while I bunked off to watch the England game! She let me watch it, honest!

Chilston now have a copy of the room allocation for the Friday evening as well as a detailed seating plan. The latter was a nightmare to put together as we had to take into consideration that some people don’t talk to each other but they have to be placed on the same table. We’ve also had to indicate where the fussy eaters are sitting as well as the children, so they get the right meals!

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