And Still It Goes Wrong

After the issue with the best man’s suit it was my turn to pick up my suit for the wedding today, and I was hoping it would go a bit more smoothly than it did on Wednesday. Guess what? It didn’t!

After leaving work early to get back in time before the store shuts the fiancée and I made our way over to the store for the fitting. I was given the outfit and headed to the changing room in anticpation…

First up was the shirt. Collar size was good, not too tight. However the sleeve length was a different matter. It would have been too long on Peter Crouch as it came down a good 3 inches past my fingers! Even when I managed to pull the sleeve right up my arm, it was impossible to get the cuff over my watch as it was pretty tight to my wrist. I would have had to wear the watch halfway up my arm!

Apparently this is a standard length and they don’t come in any other size. ???

Next came the waistcoat. Not a bad fit, a little bit of room where I’d need it, but all in all pretty good.

And so onto the trousers. The fit around the waist was good, which may have a little to do with the fact that I’ve lost a little bit of weight recently (hurrah!). However, they’d managed to bugger up the length of them somehow, as they were about 2-3 inches too long. And I don’t think I’ve shrunk in the last couple of months!

The last piece of the outfit (ignoring the cravate, they couldn’t get that wrong!) was the jacket which was also too big. Too wide across the shoulders it gave the impression it was slipping off all the time.

So out of four items, three of them didn’t fit so with a week to go there’s going to be some running around in the days before the wedding. They’ve had to order in another pair of trousers and a jacket which means I’ve got to traipse over there on Wednesday again.

Let’s hope it’s the last time I have to go there!

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