Countdown To The Stag Weekend

There’s only 4 days to go now until the Dublin Stag Weekend and as usual when it comes to blokes trying to organise anything there’s been some things left to the last minute!

Tour t-shirts were first talked about a couple of months back when we first started organising things but due to work commitments and other such problems playing havoc with our social lives the ordering of said t-shirts got forgotten! So cue a frantic afternoon of trying to find somewhere that could print up seven t-shirts, get them delivered by Thursday and not be too expensive either.

There are plenty of companies that do t-shirt printing but the majority of stag-based graphics are all your typical boys-on-tour stuff, the type that teenagers would wear cos it’s the first time they’ve been on holiday without their parents!

So trying to find ones that suited us was a bit hard. After many hours of searching I eventually settled on a sedate t-shirt with crest logo and will have our names splashed across the back. Nothing too outlandish and brash!

Not wanting to trust their online ordering process (which you’d have thought I’d have no worries about) I placed the order by phone, at least this way I was able to express exactly what I wanted. Now I just hope they turn up in time!

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