Let The Games Begin

After quite a lot of planning from @phileasphil and myself, the stag do has been organised. At last! We went through loads of possible locations including Madrid, Brighton & Croatia before finally settling on heading to Dublin on the first weekend of August.

5 other people have stepped up to the challenge and will be joining myself and Phil on the weekend, although there may be another 2 or 3 coming along who haven’t booked yet.

We fly out of Gatwick on the Friday lunchtime before heading to our rented apartments to dump our bags and get our free glass of Guinness! No doubt we’ll head to a bar for the rest of the afternoon to acclimatise! The plan for the evening is to go to a comedy club.

When we eventually wake up we’ll be heading over to the Guinness factory for a tour and a couple of Guinnesses and then it will be back to Temple Bar area for a pub crawl in the evening, maybe followed by a club to throw some old-man style shapes on the dancefloor.

No definite plans for Sunday morning yet (plenty of time to do that!) but we’ll be chilling at the airport watching the Charity Cup before flying home in the afternoon!

Already looking forward to it…

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