The Wedding Juggernaut Rolls On

The countdown to the big day continues (we’re now down to 81 days…) and things are slowly getting ticked off the to-do list. Although it seems the more we tick off the longer the list grows!

Last weekend there was an open day at the venue so it was an opportunity for us to take the mothers-in-law to have a look round, to give them an idea of what it might look like on the day while also giving us the chance to meet up with and ask a few more questions of our ‘co-ordinator’.

The invites were sent out a few weeks ago and so we’re now trying to keep track of who has replied, who hasn’t, who wants a room at the venue, who doesn’t and who are the fussy eaters amongst our friends!

And talking of food, another thing sorted out with the venue is our taster meal, which gives us the opportunity to try out some of the courses available for the wedding breakfast. We had to choose two starters, two intermediate courses, two main dishes and, you’ve guessed it, two desserts as well. This was a difficult choice as there were some very appetising dishes available to us.

But we eventually narrowed it down to the eight dishes and now have a nice night out planned in a couple of weeks where we get a free dinner! Result!

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