The Last Really ‘Big’ Decision

As we now have most of the big stuff decided on for the wedding, there’s just one other thing to sort out before we send the invites, and that is the all important honeymoon!

Our friends have joked in the past that as we’ve had some great holidays in the past if we ever did get married our honeymoon would be absolutely spectacular! We’ve already done the types of holiday that you associate with honeymoons from African Safaris to relaxing in the Caribbean and the Maldives and now that is turning out to be a pain in the butt!

Some of the typical honeymoon destinations are out because of the time of year we’d be looking to go, September is hurricane season in the Caribbean so that’s a no-go. Other safari locations are out because we would like to add a beach holiday to the end of it and this sends the prices through the roof, as you’re paying for extra flights.

South America is also rainy season and so doing something like the Inca trail or visiting the jungles of Costa Rica wouldn’t be as good in the wet. Plus the fiancee is scared of bugs!

So where else is there to go that is going to be a little bit special as well as within our budget? At the moment there aren’t that many places and none of them have jumped out at us as the perfect place to go, and as we were wanting to have donations to our honeymoon as our wedding list we need to get this sorted in the next few days so that we can then arrange a “Honey Fund” for people to pay into.

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