Wasting My Time. An Update

Time for a quick update on how late Southeastern have made me over the last month. As you may recall, I had undergone a mission to keep track of how many times Southeastern managed to balls-up their service by running delayed services on my way to and from work on their new-fangled High Speed Service..

After the bad weather in January things had gotten slightly better but I had still been unable to make two journeys in a day without being late, something I find quite astounding. Maybe I was just unlucky and it was only the trains I happened to be on that were running late, but I suspect it was a problem right across their network.

So as I prepare for a 2 week break from work it’s time to see just how bad they have been so far this year. I made a total of 38 journeys. Of those 38 trips, there were only 9 that managed to run on time. Less than one quarter! 6 of those 9 were homeward journeys which meant that I managed to get to work on time on only 3 days!

The total amount of time that I wasted on those journeys, came in at just under 4 hours! For 3 hours and 53 minutes I either waited on a platform or sat on the train waiting for it to move!

This total would have been a lot worse, if yesterday I had waited for the train I normally catch. This train was running 34 minutes late but instead of hanging around for it I jumped on a late-running Victoria bound train instead. So what could have been more than a half an hour delay ended up only being 13 minutes!

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