What’s Taking Them So Long?

With all the snow and ice that we’ve had over the last few days it would have been nice of the MMSFL to make a decision as to whether our (Medway 2000 FC’s) game tomorrow against Rileys Sports was on or not!

The MMSFL have a website and a hotline telephone number that allows them to pass on information to the teams and players, but the website still has details about games that were cancelled on the 20th December, and the hotline only has the results from last weeks games playing on it.

I thought the idea of a hotline was to have “up to date” information not week old stuff? Well hopefully we’ll find out soon whether the game is postponed because I don’t fancy having to get up early tomorrow morning if I don’t have to!

UPDATE (10/01): At 8.35 this morning we found out that they were off. Unfortunately I was already up and so my chances of a lie-in were screwed. Might have to change the name of the hotline to lukewarm-line!

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