Still No Football

After last week’s inability to let us know that games were cancelled, it seems that the MMSFL have decided to take the total opposite approach this week and have called off all games before the weekend.

A special page was added to the MMSFL website on Monday with updates as to what games were being rearranged, and this morning this was updated with the following message:

********* ALL COUNCIL PITCH GAMES OFF THIS SUNDAY 17/01/2010 *********

Admittedly, this sounds as though it is Medway Council who have taken the decision to postpone all games, but for what reason? The only possible explanation could be that pitches may be waterlogged from all the melting snow and any rain that is forecast for the next couple of days, but usually these are called off on the day after a referee’s inspection.

This may be the first time that the council have actually taken preventative measures to stop pitches getting ruined through weather, in fact it could be the first time they’ve done anything to warrant the £500 they charge us each year for using the pitch as our home ground! Their idea of dealing with large puddles that form on the pitch is to dump loads of sand on them so that we’re not sure whether to play in football boots or flip-flops! The grass gets cut about twice a year and the lines are painted about as often!

So now it looks as though it could be yet another week before Medway 2000 get to kick a ball about. At this rate we’ll be playing midweek games and double-headers come May!

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